Arthmony is an Indie Folk music band formed in 2014/2015 in Brussels, and made up of two sisters, Donata and Deborah, a brother, Emanuel, and a cousin, Andrea. The lineup consists of three voices, two guitars, a piano and percussions.

The particularity of the band is that there is no leader; there is not a single voice solo, not just one lead voice and no lead guitar. I can say that the members are all versatile. Depending on the song, one or another of the three singers takes the lead voice place while the others accompany it creating harmony.

Actually, Arthmony is more than a music band, it is a concept. Each concert is like a journey into the human heart to explore the most basic emotions such as anger, sadness, desperation, but also and above all love and joy, in different situations of life and relationships.

The purpose is to touch and move the souls of the public, to make everyone feel that even if sometimes life gets really hard, there is always hope. The message is that we can find happiness in every little detail of our simple life. We only need to consider what is all around us and the people we are given to meet.

During the concert, the sequence of the songs is articulated in a way that forms an evolution of the atmosphere. We try to carry every heart from the depths to the top. This is to say that some compositions enter very deeply in an emotion. 

"Don't Leave Me" for instance, which talks about death and mourning, expresses desperation in a very dramatic way. Songs like this one join people in their hidden fears or wounds in order to embrace them. To make them feel understood, and after that, the followings songs raise them up gradually, softly, until they feel joy.

I will give you an example of lyrics:

"Oh how I long to see your smile,

The tenderness in your laughter,

How could it be that your are so sad...

Tell me what can I do to bring you back

Trust me when I say your are precious,

I would embrace you if I could

I would hold you to comfort you,

But if I am not able to save you

At least recieve my love,

Even if it isn't enough

Precious is your soul,

Precious is your heart,

Precious is your body,

Precious is your life

Don't scare, I am right here for you

I am here to love you"

Meanwhile, another voice sings a melody which completes the harmony by bringing a feeling of flying in the air. He vocalizes some lyrics in Italian that means: " If you look into the soul, there is God; if you look beyond, there is God".

So, Arthmony is an ode to love and to the dignity of life. We want to share a moment of humanity with the public. And we want people to feel good at the end of the concert, going home with a smile on their face and a sens of spirituallity filling their heart.

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